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Barnyards and BackyardsCommunity Know-How for Rural and City Ranchers

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Barnyards and Backyards

With the popularity of THE URBAN HOMESTEADING® lifestyle on the rise and faced with having to respond to the huge amount of interest in the Dervaes Family's lifelong work, Jules Dervaes started developing other sites to help assist others on their own self-sufficiency journey by connecting neighbor to neighbor through social networking sites.

BARNYARDS AND BACKYARDS® is part of this network of sites and is dedicated to inspiring people to do what they can, where they are, with what they have, right now! Barnyards and Backyards is the premier site on the web providing you with a unique collection of know-how, news, articles, and community-generated content to help any rural or city rancher start keeping animals. With a focus on sustainability, holistic and natural therapies, and environmental practices, this site brings together ranchers in rural and urban areas to facilitate a collective movement towards sustainable and responsible animal husbandry.

Barnyards and Backyards provides resources, news, knowledgeable articles and a free community to help you along, answer your questions and show you how.

Dervaes Institute's Involvement

Funds from the Dervaes Institute go to support Barnyards and Backyards' web hosting fees, software expenses and hire website programmers for custom site features.

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Community Impact

Social network site where you learn from each other, share poultry & livestock issues, and show off your backyard farm animals

  • Create community
  • Network
  • Post photos & videos
  • Join related groups
  • Create discussions
  • and more…