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Freedom Gardens

Think of it as Facebook meets the Farmer’s Almanac. FREEDOM GARDENS® is a social networking site for 21st century pioneers who want to fight soaring food prices and global warming by growing their own food. On this site, novice and expert growers from all over the world can gather to post success stories, ask questions, and challenge one another to ever-increasing levels of self-sustained living.

The interactive site uses a special mapping web program to connect visitors with other gardeners in their area. They can share tips about local climate and soil issues, display which challenges they are participating in on their profiles, and find others nearby doing the same challenge.

Freedom Gardens is growing beyond victory gardens. It is a food security movement that is shared from person to person, blog to blog, neighbor to neighbor. It is a modern gardening movement resulting in efforts to become free of foreign oil, corporate controls, contamination and food miles while creating a sustainable future by promoting local food production.

Dervaes Institute's Involvement

Funds from the Dervaes Institute go to support Freedom Garden's web hosting fees, software expenses and hire website programmers for custom site features.

The Foundation Tree: Branches of Work & Outreach (View as PDF) or (View as JPG)

Community Impact

Social network site where to connect, share & grow

  • Create community
  • Network & trade
  • Create events
  • Post photos & videos
  • Join related groups
  • Create discussions
  • and more…