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Grow the Future

Since our online inception in 1999 and until 2006, we funded the outreach side of our work from our own pockets. It is both a blessing and a challenge that our rapidly growing community educational work now outstrips our family’s income. As a result, Dervaes Institute was founded for the sole purpose to help others.

Only the earth stewardship community outreach activities that we do are funded by any contributions. Our residence is operated as a viable home business and our sustainable lifestyle and personal needs are supported through the work of our own hands. We personally do not receive the benefit of any donations.

In addition, Dervaes Institute does not support the day-to-day operations of the Dervaes family business. Sales of produce ( and from our online store ( are the means by which the family is self-supporting and profitable.

[SEE: The Foundation Tree: Branches of Work & Outreach (View as PDF) or (View as JPG) ]

We believe that charity alone is not a solution; being self-reliant is. Although donations are always gratefully accepted, Dervaes Institute supplements its expenses with its own income from its various projects, such as the giving of workshops, speaking engagements or tours to promote the URBAN HOMESTEADING® lifestyle. This income goes directly into the Dervaes Institute account. [SEE: Dervaes Institute IRS filings] Those funds are used to promote the Urban Homesteading lifestyle and educate others on the importance of self-sufficiency.

Dervaes Institute, established August 18, 2006, is an earth-care ministry and a California Corporation Sole under California Corporations Code Section 10000-10015 and is tax exempt under IRS Code § 508(c)(1)(A).

Dervaes Institute, although the work of a single family, reaches a global audience through many outreach avenues, including:

  • Comprehensive website updated daily documenting life on the Urban Homestead
  • Creation, printing, and distribution of brochures, presentation materials, and displays
  • Participation in conferences and festivals
  • Distribution of educational, “do-it-yourself” materials
  • Presentations to schools and community groups
  • Screenings of eco-documentaries

Your support of our GROW THE FUTURE® campaign will help us to:

  • Raise awareness of vital issues affecting people and the planet through our online presence and outreach programs.
  • Provide online tools and resources that individuals can use to lead more sustainable and fulfilling lives.
  • Develop further outreach.

You may send a contribution by these three ways.

1.) Donate Via Paypal

2.) Send a check payable to "Dervaes Institute" to:

    Urban Homestead
    631 Cypress Ave
    Pasadena, CA 91103 USA

3.) Add a donation to the shopping cart in Urban Homestead Supply and charge it to your credit card or PayPal account.

THANK YOU for your consideration and for your support!